Friday, February 3, 2012

Neptune enters Pisces today. Join me on Facebook

The last time Neptune was at home in Pisces was 1847 to 1861. If you are born under the sign Pisces you are a member of the first generation of living Pisces born people in touch with your ruling planet during your life time. This is special for Pisces and will last until 2025.

Greetings to you all, The emotion of it all (2012) is flowing with creativity, dreams, innovation, sometimes overwhelming for me to feel. In spite of the 2012 Mayan calendar stories, the world will continue and we will see a lot of exciting events happening during this Year of the Dragon. Today at 10:53 AM Pacific time Neptune will enter Pisces and remain at home in Pisces until April 1, 2025. This is the story of the god of the Sea, Poseidon. Jupiter rules the sky and is currently exalted in the earth sign of Taurus. Pluto rules the Underworld and is currently in the "raise taxes" sign of Capricorn also an earth sign. Neptune rules the sea and enjoys innovation, music, travel, shipping and receiving, trading, which will probably make investments in courier companies profitable. This will affect Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Cancer and Scorpio. Call me to schedule an appointment to discuss how this will affect you and your family, your relationships and your money at (510) 865-2140 USA. Keep a dream journal and love out loud. Endless Blessings - Veronica German - USA