Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mercury Retrograde, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Please remain prayerful and mindful of love, respect, holy and sacred things. Happy Thanksgiving (USA)! The moon entered Scorpio at 5:58 PM Pacific last evening. Mercury turns retrograde today at 11:21PM at approximately 20 degrees of Sagittarius. The new moon this month is a Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees 37 minutes of Sagittarius at 10:10 PM Thanksgiving Day (11/24). Venus enters Capricorn at 4:36 AM Saturday, November 26, 2011. Advent begins on Sunday (11/27/11). Mercury goes direct Tuesday December 13, 2011 at 5:43 PM at approximately 4 degrees Sagittarius. Uranus goes direct at 9 degrees Aires on December 9, 2011. The full moon will be a Lunar Eclipse at 18 degrees 11 minutes of Gemini at 6:36 AM Saturday, December 10th. This will be of particular interest to Aires, Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini. Take your time, love your family and friends, review projects, contracts and move forward in three weeks. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Love out loud. Endless Blessings.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Unemployment and the baby boomers

"If the national black American unemployment rate is 16.7% then it is at least 50% among the baby boomers.
Unemployment among black citizens over 50 years of age is the worst in history and there has been no enforcement of age discrimination laws. I have associates who have lost their jobs since 2006 and not one of them has received a full time position of any kind regardless of credentials. Many people that I know between the ages of 50 and 70 have mortgaged their home or borrowed money from other sources to improve their skills or to get another degree. We actually speak to each other before 6:00 AM because many of us get up in the wee hours seeking work and hoping for temporary placement reporting by 8:00 AM. Going into debt to further education has proven to be a high risk gamble resulting in further unemployment and mounting debt for black Americans. Many feel they are in too much debt now for start up costs for new business. Most unable to get further loan approvals. Many feeling ripped off having paid too much for their education only to look to people who have not invested in education as potential employers. It is difficult to tolerate people having jobs who do not understand the application, the technology, the history, or the recommended legal, civil rights or human rights history bearing responsibility for the position. Slavery is also at an all time high. Though too many people pretend not to understand a thorough definition of the word and look the other way. It is ineffective and inefficient for the huge numbers of our experienced, best and brightest workers to remain among the long term UN-employed. There is only one power: Awareness. There is nothing that beats experience. It is in America's best interest to put its best and brightest back to work. They will tow the line. They will work the extra mile not only for their own stability but for the greater good. History says so. I hear from hundreds of people, most are baby boomers exhausting their nest egg." - Veronica German

Sign this petition for whomever it will help.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fiduciary responsibility for mandatory unemployment insurance payments

My comments from my blog, December 2, 2010

"Am I misunderstanding all of this? "We the People" are being held like hostages until ransom is agreed upon? Is this kidnapping? Is this treason? We the People cannot count on the money that is deducted from personal payroll year after year, for payment of unemployment insurance to have been properly invested so that it provides support when we live in communities where the unemployment rate is 12 - 13% ? Whose fiduciary responsibility was it? Why are we arguing about who will pay in the future when insurance is invested and protected in funds that already exist? The administration of those funds is where the real questions lie? Not on the deficit, or on the backs of, "We the People." And after being held hostage, we the people will want justice from the hostage takers? This deserves all the expressions of outrage that I see."  -  Veronica German USA

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Last year, I described the planetary aspects of the arrival of the New World Order. Let’s look at the framework of how these things are developing. We are never going back, so embrace the electronic age, renewable energy and even high tech ways for handling garbage world wide. Sustainable Living: We will cooperate with the earth or she will get rid of us.

The Solar Eclipse is (Pacific Time USA) Tuesday morning at 1:03 AM when the Sun and the Moon conjunct at 13 degrees and 39 minutes of Capricorn, January 4, 2011. The day is pretty interesting to our feelings as Venus is squaring Neptune just minutes into the day. Jupiter will conjunct Uranus at 4:52 AM, Venus will trine Uranus at 5:34 AM; Venus will trine Jupiter at 5:39 AM; The moon will square Saturn at exactly 7:00 AM and the moon will conjunct Mars at 3:49 PM. Wow!

Uranus and Jupiter are holding a meeting at 27 degrees Pisces. Why would the patrons of Humanitarian Needs need to get together? There is always a reason. There is a Jupiter Uranus conjunction (same location), Jupiter square Pluto (45 degree angle); Jupiter opposite Saturn (180 degrees). This will impact 2011. I don’t care how many people tell you that The Year of the Rabbit will be uneventful, I beg to differ. The fact that all of this is occurring during the Year of the Rabbit might just be a sign that the world is changing, not coming to an end. These aspects will make it clear that life as we’ve known it is gone forever and adapting to the new technology (and the new boss) is mandatory. Think of these planetary positions as the international meeting of the Board of Directors and they will not meet again with this kind of power until April 21, 2024 in the sign of recovery and stability, Taurus.

Jupiter enters Aires January 23, 2011. Jupiter will soon enter Taurus, June 4th, 2011. Taurus wants things. Jupiter wants things that grow in value. Together they like land, metals, rich food, historical landmarks, SUCCESS! The investments are still, renewable energy, modern technology, real estate, precious metals and protecting your health. Real estate will head toward appreciation like it did 1999 through 2001. May of 2000 was when we all noted home prices soaring. Here we go again. Sustainable Living: We will cooperate with the earth or she will get rid of us. Jupiter squares Pluto February 25, 2011, I expect that on a human level we will be in a loud struggle regarding the taxes required to pay for all the necessary changes. One of the serious problems with millions of our best and brightest living in unemployment, underemployment or even disability is they can’t pay their multi billion dollar student loans to the magnitude of another financial crisis. Our National Merit Finalists need to work in their field or occupation or we will regret the loss of their brilliance, experience, man-hours and their resources. Overthrow age discrimination, put them to work and make it a priority!

Uranus was in Aires last year, was retrograding in Pisces and will reach Aires again March 13, 2011. Uranus is navigating, so to speak, The New World Order or change, revolution, invention and efficiency. Neptune will be in Pisces April 4th and Neptune and Pisces together like experience, medical innovations and clean water. Whatever we have to do to make that happen will be demanded of us. The lunar Nodes are (north) Sagittarius / (south) Gemini until May 20th 2011; observed in one way while watching the Sagittarians move from the changes of the last three years, accepting them, adapting while the Gemini, Pisces and Virgo survivors move on too.

It is so interesting to me to hear people say that The Year of the Rabbit will be “uneventful. “ There are 35 to 40 possible combinations but, I assure you in April of 2011 the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus will be together; it will be eventful and eventual in some great magnitude. Those who did not believe it in 2010 will find their vision sharper and able to see the changes on the Micro and Macro level. The past is gone and we must look forward. We must work hard, developing institutions fostering compassion, and loving out loud.

Mercury will be retrograde approximately, March 30th thru April 23rd, 2011; Retrograding August 3rd through August 18, 2011; also November 25th, through December 14, 2011. This is where Mercury was in 1932. We will discuss Mercury later on Does it make you feel better that you are living in changes that will earmark history when we look back in the future? In spite of it being the Year of the Rabbit, there are mega changes with these visits in Aires. There will be “Aha” moments as we prepare for the following year, The Year of the Dragon 2012!

Everybody has questions, and the only way to give an accurate answer is for me to look at the exact location the transients will visit your personal chart. I am sure these conditions affect, Aires, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn and others having these planets dominating their chart. It is time to be specific and look at your own GPS. It is better to know than to not know; it is better to see than to not see; it is better to love than to not love. Love out loud! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Endless Blessings,
- Veronica German - USA